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2. Retreat: Monastery Schmerlenbach 01.11-03.11.2022

This Year we are again in planning for a 2. Retreat at the monastery of Schmerlenbach. Find some first Informations here. We will keep you updated…. Here a big Thanks to all the Collaborators for joyning the Retreat, all the deep and nice discussion and to the really nice Place Schmerlenbach and the Vinery Holler! […]

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Progress Reports 2023

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 14:00 we come together for our Progress Reports: 14.02.2023 SP-Z (Wollnik lab) 14.03.2023 SP6 (Räschle Lab) 18.04.2023 SP9 (Boos lab) 09.05.2023 SP8 (Storchova lab) 13.06.2023 SP1 (Beli lab) 12.09.2023 SP2 (Bastians lab) 10.10.2023 SP3 (Kschischo Lab)

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2. funding Periode FOR2800

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Restart: Progress Reports 2021

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month: 2pm via Zoom! 08.06.2021: SP1 – Petra Beli & Ivan Mikicic 06.07.2021: SP2 – Holger Bastians & Nicolas Böhly 07.09.2021: CANCELLED! 09.11.2021: SP3 – Maik Kschischo & XiaoXiao Zhang 07.12.2021: SPZ – Bernd Wollnik, Alexander Wollf & Arne Zibat 2022: 11.01.2022: SP5 – Bernd Wollnik & Ipek Ilgin Gönenc […]

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15th of June: Talk by Dr. Valeria Naim

„DNA Replication Stress and Chromosomal Instability: Dangerous Liaisons.“ 15th of June 3:30pm via Zoom. If you have questions or want to join feel free to contact us.

NEW: FOR2800 Career Seminars via Zoom.

From now on we are very pleased to announce our new Career Seminars. Whenever possible we will invite guest talkers who have finnished their Studies and PhD and have achieved a position at the University or the industries. This Seminars should help students (female and male) to find ideas what possibilities there are after finnishing […]

FOR2800: Progress Reports 2021 via Zoom

!! Attention: Time Changed to every secound TUESDAY of the month to 3pm !!!!! 08.06.2021: SP1 – Petra Beli and Ivan Mikicic 06.07.2021: SP2 – Holger Bastians and Nicolas Böhly 07.09.2021: SP3 – Maik Kschischo and XiaoXiao Zhang 09.11.2021: SPZ – Bernd Wollnik and Alexander Wolff 07.12.2021: SP5 – Bernd Wollnik and Ipek Ilgin Gönenc […]

–!! Online Retreat – 28th of April !!–

Due to the still complicated Situation with the Corona Virus the research Network decided to do an Online Retreat this year with all the Group-Leaders for talking about all projects and planning how to continue with the FOR2800. If you like to join or have any question please feel free to contact us.

Progress Reports 2021

Attention!: Every secound Thursday in the month we continue our FOR2800 Progress Reports at 3 o´clock, pm. Please see the list of Talks for 2021 below. If you have questions feel free to contact us. List of talks: 13.01.2021_ Progress Report of SP4, Matthias Dobbelstein 11.02.2021_ Progress Report of SP5, Bernd Wollnik 11.03.2021: Progress Report […]

NEW: FOR2800 Progress Reports 2020 via Zoom.

Due to the actual Situation the FOR2800 decided to have Zoom meetings with Progress Reports to be up to date. The Meetings will take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4pm. Please see the list of Talks for 2020 below. If you have questions feel free to contact us. List of talks: 9.9.2020_ […]