1. Retreat - Schloss Buchenau


18.September: Arrival until noon at Schloss Buchenau

Check-In & space discovery:

Starting to present the first projects & discussions:

animated discussions also during the coffee breaks:

2. Day (19.09.) also starting with constructive discussions:

Coming together at the Ende of the 1. Retreat full of interesting discussions and a lot of input:

from the left: Holger Bastians, Magdalena Hennecke, XiaXiao Zhang, Kristina Keuper, Zuzana Storchová, Arne Zibat, Alexander Wolff, Ipek Ilgin Gönenc, Angela Wieland, Vella Nikolova, Ivan Mikicic, Johanna Flach, Maik Kschischo, Nicolas Böhly, Markus Räschle, Bernd Wollnik und Matthias Dobbelstein