March, 7th, 2024, 10am: Talk by Professor Masato Kanemaki (Tokyo, Japan) via Zoom, entiteld: „Exploring human DNA replication with an improved auxin-inducible degron technology“

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Professor. Kanemaki received his Ph.D. in 2001 from Chiba University in Japan. He then moved to the CRUK Manchester Research Institute to study with Prof. Karim Labib and used a ts-degron technology to study all essential genes of previously unknown function in budding yeast. In 2006, he moved to Osaka University as an Assistant Professor, where he developed the auxin-inducible degron for use in animal cells. In 2010, he moved to National Institute of Genetics, first as an Associate Professor and then from 2016 as a full professor. His group has applied the degron technology to many areas of cell biology, focussing on chromosome replication in his own group. In 2022, Masato became a Professor at the University of Tokyo, whilst still keeping his lab at National Institute of Genetics.

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