Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Wolff

SPZ – NGS based approaches for systamic analysis of genomic and chromosome instability

Kristina Keuper

sub-project 8 -„The cause of replication stress in response to whole chromosomal aneuploidy“

Angela Wieland

Sub-project 6 – „Proteomics of mitotic sister chromatid junctions in response to DNA replication-stress“

Ipek Ilgin Gönenc

Sub-Project 5 – „Impared chromosome integrity caused by mutations in members of the BTR-complex“

Zainab Tayeh

Sub-project 4 – „Centrosome integrity as a determination of replication stress“

Xiaoxiao Zhang

Sub-project 3 – „A statistic learning approach to modelling chromosomal instability“

Magdalena Hennecke (formerly Kistner)

Sub-Project 2 – „Molecular mechanisms of replication stress induced mitotic chromosome missegregation“

Nicolas Böhly

Sub-Project 2
„Molecular mechanisms of replication stress-induced mitotic chromosome missegregation“

Ivan Mikicic

– sub-project 1 –
„Inverstigation of the Interplay
between replication stress and mitosis“