Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Wolff

SPZ – NGS based approaches for systamic analysis of genomic and chromosome instability

Ivan Mikicic

sub-project 1 – „The Role of R-Loops in oncogene-induced replication stress and chromsomal instability“

Francesca Razzano

Sub-project 2 – „Molecular mechanisms of replication stress-induced mitotic chromosome missegregation“

Philipp Jungk

Sub-Project 3 – „Modelling the Link between replication stress, chromosomal instability and aneuploidy“

Dr. Andrea Tirincsi

Sub-Project 6 – „Proteomics of mitotic inter sister chromatid junctions“

Stefan Redel

sub-project 8 – „The cause of replication stress in response to whole chromosomal aneuploidy“

Katerina Pravi

sub-Project 9 – „Mutual Impact of replication origin firing regulation and mitotic chromosome segregation“