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FOR2800: Progress Reports 2021 via Zoom

FOR2800: Progress Reports 2021 via Zoom

!! Attention: Time Changed to every secound TUESDAY of the month to 3pm !!!!!

08.06.2021: SP1 – Petra Beli and Ivan Mikicic

06.07.2021: SP2 – Holger Bastians and Nicolas Böhly

07.09.2021: SP3 – Maik Kschischo and XiaoXiao Zhang

09.11.2021: SPZ – Bernd Wollnik and Alexander Wolff

07.12.2021: SP5 – Bernd Wollnik and Ipek Ilgin Gönenc

11.01.2022: SP6 – Markus Räschle and Angela Wieland

08.02.2022: SP8 – Zuzana Storchová and Kristina Keuper

08.03.2022: SP9: Dominik Boos and NN.

If you have questions or like to join the Zoom Meeting please feel free to contact us.