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–!! Online Retreat – 28th of April !!–

–!! Online Retreat – 28th of April !!–

Due to the still complicated Situation with the Corona Virus the research Network decided to do an Online Retreat this year with all the Group-Leaders for talking about all projects and planning how to continue with the FOR2800.

If you like to join or have any question please feel free to contact us.

Progress Reports 2021

Progress Reports 2021

Attention!: Every secound Thursday in the month we continue our FOR2800 Progress Reports at 3 o´clock, pm.

Please see the list of Talks for 2021 below. If you have questions feel free to contact us.

List of talks:

13.01.2021_ Progress Report of SP4, Matthias Dobbelstein

11.02.2021_ Progress Report of SP5, Bernd Wollnik

11.03.2021: Progress Report of SP6, Markus Räschle

15.04.2021_Progress Report of SP8, Zuzana Storchová

–!! Every talk is recorded by the Administrator of the meeting and afterwards available on a FOR specific Server for seeing it again. !!–