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2. Retreat: Monastery Schmerlenbach 01.11-03.11.2022

This Year we are again in planning for a 2. Retreat at the monastery of Schmerlenbach. Find some first Informations here.

We will keep you updated….

After arriving in the Monastry Schmerlenbach and having lunch Speeches directly started with a lot of Input and Discussions…..
Also a long Poster Session helped a lot coming into Discussions and giving Input for Experiments and Collaborations…..
On the secound Evening we had a nice Dinner at the Vinery Holler with some Wine, amazing food and some deeper Discussions about scientific Work 🙂
And of course at the End a nice Picture of all Participants 🙂

Here a big Thanks to all the Collaborators for joyning the Retreat, all the deep and nice discussion and to the really nice Place Schmerlenbach and the Vinery Holler! It was a pleasure for us to meet you all 🙂

Progress Reports 2023

Progress Reports 2023

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 14:00 we come together for our Progress Reports:

14.02.2023SP-Z (Wollnik lab)
14.03.2023SP6 (Räschle Lab)
18.04.2023SP9 (Boos lab)
09.05.2023SP8 (Storchova lab)
13.06.2023SP1 (Beli lab)
12.09.2023SP2 (Bastians lab)
10.10.2023SP3 (Kschischo Lab)